Pre-wedding Skincare Routine


I guess we all want the perfect skin always, but the pressure is really on when you’ve invested in an expensive photographer to capture multiple shots of you on your wedding day (or any other day for that matter)!

In general I haven’t got serious problems with my skin, but that being said my skin is far from perfect and I wanted to inch it a little closer to that if possible. Generally my skin is dry and sensitive and lately it has also been lacking in the glow department (thanks to fewer zzz’s) and on the whole it was looking a little dull. Whilst I’ve decided to leave my redness (possible rosacea) to the makeup artist to deal with, I knew I could tackle the previously mentioned concerns.

The first product I added to my daily wash-and-go routine was the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to ensure that I do remove all the impurities. Although it is great for removing makeup, I prefer using it post-cleanse just to ensure my skin feels extra clean. It also makes it feel smoother and ready for the next step in my routine.

I recently started following this with a healthy dose of Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair. I only have a trial size of this product and although it delivers a fair amount of moisture, I still feel the need to follow this up with my Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil which packs a punch in the moisture departure. Together these leave my skin feeling soft and plump the next morning. I’m not sure that I would purchase a full size of this product as I’m not yet convinced it delivers what my skin needs, but it is a nice step to have (although not for the price). The Body Shop Vitamin E oil on the other end has become a firm favourite of mine.

I’ve also started applying a moisturising eye cream in an attempt to banish my persistent dark circles. The hope is to save my undereye area from a tonne of corrector and concealer. This doesn’t completely eliminate the problem, but does reduce the appearance.

The final product is my skincare splurge – the Clinique Turnaround Instant Facial. I’ve always been a fan of Clinique’s Turnaround range and this particular mask left a big imprint on my memory from when I first tried it years ago. They compare it to microdermabration and whilst I’ve never had that treatment I will venture to say that it probably isn’t nearly as intense. This is a great alternative to regular physical exfoliation as the two-fold product does leave my skin feeling super smooth and clean. I think it also deserves credit for stopping a nasty spot rearing its big ugly nose.


On the whole my skin feels smoother and plumper and definitely ready to glow. Now I just have to focus on not tripping down the aisle!

October Favourites: My upcoming wedding

wedding updateSomeone at work recently asked whether I’ll be sharing anything of my wedding on social media, only to realise that I have kept quiet without exactly intending to! Whilst I don’t want to share every last detail with everyone, I think there are a few things that might be of interest to some of you- whether you simply love weddings or are planning one yourself.

I have to confess, doing all of the planning yourself can at times become slightly overwhelming and stressful, but nothing that a cup of coffee and a good planning session can’t cure!

So without further adieu, please enjoy our wedding mood board above! We have chosen a soft palette with natural greys, nudes and blushes punctuated with peony pink and gold. I want there to be lots of love, gold chandeliers courtesey of our beautiful reception venue and smiles.

Unfortunately things don’t always go as you want it too and it looks like peonies won’t be avaialable for another few weeks, so we’re making alternative arrangements. You just have to roll with it! I am also planning a post on finding the perfect dress, which I’ll share after the wedding.

Please bear with me as I go a little MIA over the next two weeks! You’re welcome to follow along on Instagram and Facebook as you might catch a few glimpses of what we’re up to. In general I view those channels as an extension of my blog and often share a little more there.

Have a lovely October!

Home Haul


I mentioned a home haul a little earlier this month and I’m so happy to finally share with you a few things that have made our home a little more enjoyable these past few weeks. I do want to add a disclaimer, as we moved into our first home with only the bare essentials so we did have to buy almost everything that we needed brand new. Some of the stuff included were also gifts. So I don’t buy this much stuff on the regular! Continue reading

Shopgirl Find: Prestwich Collection

lights_shopgirlAs many of you might know, I am not the biggest fan of online shopping. It rarely gets me as excited about the products and I am a touchy-feely shopper (high-five if you are too!) who likes to feel, touch and examine products before I hand over my hard earned cash (or credit card in the online world). When I saw a post from Prestwich pop into my newsfeed I however instantly experienced that excitement usually only associated with seeing something pretty in real life.

Not only is their online collection beautifully curated with an distinctive aesthetic which I really relate to, their brand is strong and their unique pieces beautifully styled and photographed. I can’t yet comment on the quality of their pieces (a purchase is imminent), but they promise that each piece has been hand selected and is of high-quality. From the pictures, it sure looks like it!

11990435_1647160648835183_5018933661822296732_nThey stock a variety of lifestyle items, all absolutely gorgeous, but I am particularly drawn to their homeware and stationery collections. The first item that drew my attention has to be their marble and copper lamps. It is a blogger’s biggest weakness, right? They have a variety of designs to suit all your needs, so definitely take a look here.

I also really like their desk accessories (marble hexagon paperweight, anyone?), a gold polkadot letter holder really drew my attention. Now I just need to convince my fiance that it would be perfect in our entryway.

And if that isn’t enough, their paper section is totally drool worthy! As an added bonus they stock one of my favourite local designers, Seven Swans along with several other local talents.

I already feel so overwhelmed that I don’t know what to purchase! You can check out their online collection here. Do you have anything to add to my lust list?

Tips on planting a succulent in a container without drainage holes


When Ryno and I just moved into our home a good friend of mine gifted us our first house greenery. And whilst I’m happy to report that the plant has survived the first few months, I can’t say the same of the plant holder. It was time for a change and I had just the thing- this lovely candle holder from @home.

Unfortunately the candle holder doesn’t have any drainage holes and succulents generally don’t like too much moisture. To work around it, I’ve taken a few steps that will hopefully help keep the roots dry and the plant healthy. Continue reading

It’s our birthday!


Yesterday we officially left the terrible two’s behind and I am so happy to say that my little corner of the world has been around for three whole years!

I began as a very shy blogger who simply wanted to share things I love with whoever might enjoy it. Today I am a lot more confident and happy with not only what I do but who I am and those whom I share it with. Continue reading

September Favourites

Time for another monthly favourites, this time only one day late (it is the small victories). I thought I’d once again corral together everything I’m looking forward to this month, with a few things of next month as I don’t know wheter I’ll have time to blog so close to my wedding!

The wedding is the main reason why my month will be filled with peonies, gold glitter and lots of tulle! I feel like I should break into song, “…these are a few of my favourite things.” But I’ll save your ears. Continue reading

My Favourite Home Decor Trends

Indigo Blues

I am really enjoying indigo blue decor touches. It is the perfect foil for a neatral palette and instantly makes it season appropriate. The key to keeping the look modern is definitely less is more – whether it is a statement or accent piece. I love how it evokes the outdoors!

Round Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way of adding light, the illusion of space and luxury to any room. It is only natural that it should get an update. So whether you exhibit any Hobbit qualities or not, round mirrors are the way to go. Bonus points if it is brass.

H&M Online Shop

Eeeek! The H&M South African website launched and I’m loving being able to browse online just ahead of their shop opening in October in South Africa (which kinda sucks as it will be our post-wedding, financial low – but who cares!?) And what is even better is that they are not only going to bring their super affordable clothes to our shores, by the look of it they will also bring their homeware!

Price wise I can confirm that it is very much in line with what I paid in Europe last summer. In fact, the exact dress I bought in Italy, dress nr 6 with butterfly sleeves (which is awesome by the way!), retails for R399* online and I paid slightly more. On the site denims retail from R150* to R450* and homeware starts from as little as R60*! Quality wise I’d compare them to Cotton On.

So without further adieu, here are some of my favourite things! I’d like them all please and thank you!

Links: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Home Update: Our Entryway

entryhall text

As most of you probably know by now, our home is properly tiny. Given that it is small, we have no entry hall to speak of. It is not really a space we miss, but we did feel it necessary to create a good first impression when you enter our house and we also needed to find somewhere to drop-off and pick up our coats, bags, shoes and keys before heading out.

So once we decided on the perfect spot – an odd corner in our open plan living room – we dove right in! Instead of buying an expensive coat hanger we decided to simply buy hooks at the hardware store and attach them to the wall. As this corner is part of our open plan living area it was important to keep it looking neat and somewhat decorative. So we decided to paint horizontal stripes in charcoal which ties in nicely with our front door.

Since these photos were taken we’ve been able to source more of the same brass hooks, so plan on adding more hooks on different levels. We love the idea of being able to swap out our winter coats for more seasonal items like beach bags and sun hats during the summer months.

A we mentioned previously we painted the dark wooden door charcoal. It contrasts nicely with the brass door handle. A patterned runner from Mr Price Home adds instant warmth and interest to the area. It is nice to have something washable that we aren’t too precious about as it does get messy.

This is currently one my favourite areas to fixate on as it is the closest to being “done”. I’ll keep you up to date on any other changes we make over the coming months.